Best family dog breeds for your home

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What are the best family dog breeds?

Family with a golden retriever

The best family dog breeds generally have friendly, calm personalities, especially when small kids are involved. Proper training and socialisation are really important, so make sure you have time to invest in your new pal.

Furthermore, your new pooch should fit in with your family’s lifestyle, personality and pet care experience. For example, if you have small children at home, be sure to select a breed that isn’t too huge or energetic. Likewise, if you have active teenage kids, you might find a larger dog is perfect for them to train and go for long walks with. It all depends on your family and what suits your energy levels, time and expectations.

Be sure to do your research when choosing your family’s new furry friend. Furthermore, if you choose to buy a specific breed, go to a good breeder that can answer your questions and give advice. The same goes for adopting a shelter pet: ask plenty of questions about the dog’s background and needs.

Finally, how much time can your family spend with your new pup? What care will they need in terms of grooming and training? And importantly, what health problems should you look out for? These are all important considerations.

The most important rule for choosing a family dog breed

It’s very important to teach your kids how to look after and interact with your dog, as well as strangers dogs. As such, involve them in training and socialisation where you can. 

Needless to say, you should always supervise your kids around dogs and teach them about dog body language. Doing so will give them confidence and keep them safe into the future.

Beagle getting a pat

The 10 best family dog breeds

1. Cavoodle 

These playful pups are ‘hypoallergenic’ and don’t shed much at all, which is great for many families. However, be warned that they require regular grooming.

2. Labrador 

The classic family dog, a labrador will be a playful and loyal friend for life. It’s no wonder they’re famous as service and therapy dogs.

3. Golden Retriever 

Gentle Golden Retrievers are great family companions. Like Labradors, they can be super playful as puppies but calm down after a few years.

4. Labradoodle 

Like Cavoodles and other oodles, Labradoodles are a low-shedding dog breed. However, like Cavoodles, they will need regular professional grooming.

5. Border Collie 

Border Collies are great for active families as they are smart, energetic and don’t stop! As such, only choose this breed if you have time to invest.

6. Beagle

Beagles love people and are a lot of fun to train and play with. However, be warned that they are known escape-artists and love to follow their noses!

7. Poodle 

Poodles are intelligent and social dogs that come in several sizes. They can be a little shy with strangers but are super loyal to their family pack.

8. French Bulldog 

French bulldogs are goofy and playful, making them great for families with small children. However, it’s worth noting that they can overheat and are best kept inside on hot days.

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are people-dogs who love to take it easy with couch cuddles. Although, if you have energetic kids, your King Charles Cavalier will love to run and play with them!

10. Rescue dog

Last but not least - we can’t go past the loyal rescue mutt! Therefore, simply head to your local shelter and have a chat with them about your family and what you want in a dog. There are so many dogs that need a home, and your perfect pooch might be waiting for you!