We understand pets

Since 2013, we have been connecting hundreds of thousands of pet parents with loving pet sitters and we can’t wait to do the same for you.

Our Purpose

At Pawshake, we believe in providing pet parents with friendly, reliable and affordable pet care. Internally, we affectionately refer to this as "Creating Tails of Happiness".
We want to make it easy for you to find and book a pet sitter in your local neighbourhood. So whether you are going away, need someone to drop in to check on your pet while you’re at work or take your dog for a sniff around the block, we’ve got a sitter for you.
5-star reviews
+ 30,000
Trusted and vetted pet sitters
+ 1,000,000
Days booked
Did you know: Pawshake accepts only 15% of pet sitter applications? Our Trust and Safety Team has a strict vetting process to maintain high safety standards. We also work closely with a local provider to offer national police checks for sitters - because you and your pets deserve the best.

Why choose Pawshake?

Pawshake is an award-winning technology company. When you book through Pawshake you can expect:

Sitters who are thoroughly vetted by our trust and safety team.
in-house customer support from pet owners and sitters just like you
Secure online payment
Verified reviews
Daily pet updates
Booking security - payments are only released to sitters after a booking is complete
Unlimited cuddles and lots of love for your pet

The Pawshake Family - Who are we?

We may be Hong Kong’s most loved pet sitting platform, but behind the scenes we are a close collective of social entrepreneurs.

All of us share the same passion:

The welfare of pets and the desire to have a positive impact on our communities.

Our customer support team is based locally. They are made up of passionate sitters and owners who use the Pawshake platform everyday. We don’t believe in outsourcing our staff, because we want you to connect with someone who understands the platform and cares just as much for your pet’s well being as you do.

Our Values

Trust and Safety

At Pawshake, we aim to foster a thriving community dedicated to connecting and improving the wellbeing of pets.
We understand that it takes a lot of faith to trust someone to look after a fur member of your family. This is why trust and safety is a very big part of Pawshake’s core values.
We vet our sitters and review them constantly to ensure we have the best possible sitters for owners to choose from. Every booking on Pawshake is covered by The Pawshake Guarantee, which includes veterinary coverage and more - giving owners and sitters peace of mind when they book through us.


As a sitter and an owner, we consider you a part of our Pawshake community. You can depend on us and we will always be here doing our best to support you no matter what.
Our aim is to offer the best and most reliable pet care experience - as we’re an alternative to friends and family and a more personal alternative to a boarding kennel or cattery.
If you have not yet joined us, we would love to have you be a part of our Pawshake family. It's free to join.

Join us here.


We strive to build a user-friendly website and mobile app to easily connect pet owners with sitters in their neighbourhood.
Payment is cashless and made securely and smoothly through our platform. Sitters and Pet Parents can also easily communicate with each other through our messaging platform.
Our sitters can build relationships with pet owners, do what they love, get paid for it and let Pawshake take care of everything else.
Pet owners can easily search for available sitters nearby and book with peace of mind knowing that their pet will be well looked after.

How did all of this happen?

Pawshake was founded in 2013 by Dries and Tanguy. It all started when Dries was looking for someone to help care for his father’s dog when he fell sick. His friends and family were not able to accommodate, but he knew that somewhere out there, a pet loving person in his father’s neighbourhood would be willing to step in and help.
Dries had also founded the largest community in Belgium to rehome rescue dogs and had experienced firsthand the love and big hearts that people had towards animals.
He just needed a way to connect with them.
So he posted his request online and was immediately overwhelmed by the positive response from the community. From there, the idea of Pawshake was born.
Dries knew that there must be so many more people out there in the same situation. So he and Tanguy set out to create an online community. Their aim was to fill it with people who would love their pets as much as they do and most importantly, that they could trust - just like their friends and family.
We believe that Pawshake helps to increase the well being of pets, their owners and pet sitters. At the same time, by connecting pet lovers, we also help to connect and strengthen local communities.
The rest is history. Since then hundreds of thousands of pet parents have found a trusted sitter through Pawshake. We can’t wait to welcome you to our family.

Join us here.

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