How to keep your pet safe at Christmas

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How to keep your pet safe at Christmas

The best way to keep your pet safe at Christmas time is to plan ahead and factor your pet's safety into the day's festivities. Watch out for choking hazards or dropped food scraps, keep doors and windows shut and give your pet a quiet area to relax away from the noise.

1. Keep your pet in a secure area: Make sure they have their own quiet space away from noisy strangers and entrances to the home.

2. Let guests know the rules in advance: Close gates, windows and doors, and no feeding food scraps or alcohol to your pet as this is dangerous. Instead, feed your pet beforehand or make them their own special treats

3. Exercise beforehand: Take your dog for a big walk or play fetch in the morning and play with your cat, so that they will be calmer with your guests.

4. Summer safety: Make sure your pet is always supervised around swimming pools and gates are kept closed and locked. 

5. Avoid choking hazards: Keep decorations, wrapping and clutter out of reach, as these might present choking hazards for curious cats or excitable puppies. Christmas lights can also be dangerous if chewed, so keep these well out of reach.

There's a lot to prepare when it comes to Christmas day celebrations, so if you need to help your pet to burn some energy, book a dog walker to stop by for an early run with your dog while you are busy getting lunch ready and opening presents!

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