7 easy ways to make your cat happier!

Author picture Jessica

With a little time, care and understanding of your cat's natural needs, you can easily make his or her life much more fun. To start, here are 7 simple happy tricks for cats!

1) High and dry

A cat feels most at ease on high places. From there, they can overlook the environment and quickly detect where any danger might come from. Does your cat already have some secure, high spots where he or she can relax? You can create that with ready-made cat furniture, but you can also DIY it by attaching boards to the wall, and putting a piece of soft carpet or a pillow on top using double sided tape. We bet your cat will love it like their very own 'throne'!

2) Create exit routes and safe havens

You can make a cat more relaxed and happy by giving them the freedom to choose where to go.. Sometimes it's busy at home because of visitors, children playing or other pets hanging around. Plenty of cats are scared of the vacuum cleaner or just want to be alone and take a nap. Give your cat that freedom and they will be so grateful! Make sure puss has access to exit routes so he or she can escape to their favourite room, cabinet or hiding corner.

3) A clean litter box

Because cats are very hygienic animals, they love to have a clean toilet so be sure to scoop daily and fully clean the tray at least weekly. Also, make sure you have at least one cat litter per cat. Use the most odor-neutral litter; cats are clean but don’t like strong perfumes!

4) Bring the outside inside

Cats love meat, but also crave plants every now and then. Most cats love to nibble on grass (if you have seen your cat get stuck into your houseplants, you know that already!). Therefore, regularly bring fresh cat grass home and see your cat enjoy grazing! Do you want something different than cat grass? The cheap and fast growing house plant Lily grass (sometimes called grass lily or spider plant) is also safe and healthy for cats, - and also adds to your decor!

5) Provide irresistible chill-out spots

Cats love warmth, sunlight and beautiful views, so puss will love it if you create warm, cozy and light chill-out spots - window sills are perfect. There are now hanging platforms available that you can attach to your window glass, as well as hanging baskets that attach to heaters and furniture. Your cat can enjoy a sleep in the sun or watch the world go by outside!

6) Food and toilet separated

Many cats are lucky enough to have their own 'cat room' or a special corner in the house where all their stuff is kept. Although this is a nice idea, don’t put the food and water bowls in the same space as the litter box. By nature, cats prefer not to eat in the same area as their toilet, for obvious hygienic reasons. They will appreciate it if they can eat and poop in different places.

7) Talk ‘cat’

Most importantly: learn the cat language and your cat will feel so much better! Is your cat's tail thick, ears back with tail thrashing? These signal annoyance, so leave puss alone. Are they purring on your lap or slowly blinking his or her eyes? This is a show of affection and love. Return the favour: also close your eyes to your cat (really try it!), and they will instantly relax and feel connected to you.

Those who carefully watch how their cat behaves will have a better understanding of what their cat really needs. And as crazy as it may sound (and we all do it!), it is also a good idea to talk a lot to your cat. Your cat will recognise patterns in your voice and behaviour, and will also understand a little 'human language' (especially words like 'din dins!'). The more understanding and trust there is between human and cat, the more your relationship will improve. A loved cat = a happy cat!