30 ways to have a meaningful World Animal Day!

Author picture Jessica

Obviously, our animals deserve the best every single day - no doubt that your own pets are very lucky to live in a warm, loving home. Yet October 4th is also a great day to celebrate ALL our four legged, furry, feathered and fishy companions, all over the world.

Here is some inspiration to make this year's Animal Day even more special:

1. Whip up some dog treats
2. Visit a doggy playground and enjoy the antics of the other visitors
3. Give your dog a massage
4. Play hide and seek in a park with your dog
5. Hide treats in your house and make your cat or dog hunt for them!
6. Organize a group dog walk at the beach or at the park
7. Go to a pet photographer and have them snap a cute portrait of you with your pet

8. Treat yourself to a great new book about dog behaviour and dog language
9. Treat your dog to a nice chew toy
10. Treat your cat to some fancy new cat furniture (or get crafty and DIY a new scratching pole or mat)

11. Bake some home made cat treats
12. Home cook dinner for your cat : boil or steam some chicken
13. Give your cat a luxurious brush
14. Make your own cat toys - cats are happy with a feather on the end of a string, biccies in a sealed envelope 'puzzle' or just a tightly rolled up ball of paper to kick around!
15. Making an outdoor play pen for your guinea pig or rabbit
16. Make a little toy for your guinea pig, mice or rabbit by filling toilet rolls with hay or treats
17. Treat your rabbit to some carrot foliage.

18. Surprise your fish to a nice new water plant or aquarium statue
19. Help your neighbours by offering to care for their pets
20. Volunteer at the local shelter
21. Raise money for a great animal charity
22. Meat eaters - go vegetarian of vegan for the day
23. Research if your cosmetics are tested on animals or not - commit to buying cruelty-free products.

24. Become a petsitter at Pawshake!
25. Jump online and join in on some World Animal Day activities in your community
26. 'Adopt' a wild animal through a wildlife charity.

27. Visit a conservation park or community farm.
28. Have an animal-themed crafternoon.
29. Clean out the aquarium / pen / aviary with your kids.
30. Encourage your kids to speak about her or his pet at school or give a presentation about animals

Do you have any nice ideas to make World Animal Day fun and meaningful? Share them below in the comments!