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The Happiness Guarantee

What if I am not happy with my booking?

Our goal is to provide the very best pet care experience. If, for any reason, you or your pet is not happy with your booking, we will do our best to make it right.

In the first instance, we recommend you discuss your concerns with your pet sitter and try and come to a compromise with each other regarding any compensation. In many cases, we have found that when two parties have an honest conversation with each other, misunderstandings can be cleared up quickly.

At the same time, please contact us and let us know - at the latest, 48 hours after the booking ends so that we can place your payment on hold. The sooner we are aware, the quicker we can be prepared to step in to help facilitate discussions or resolve issues.

I’ve tried to discuss the situation with my pet sitter but we can’t come to an agreement

When Pawshake investigates a situation, we enter as a neutral third party. This means that we may ask for further information and evidence to claims. This does not mean we don’t believe you, but it assures fair and impartial treatment of the parties involved.

During the investigation, Pawshake will work with you and the sitter to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. If no resolution can be found, Pawshake will make a decision based on the evidence, and determine the course of action and/or compensation.

To be eligible for The Happiness Guarantee:

The booking must have been confirmed and paid via the Pawshake website or app

A meet & greet was arranged prior to booking start date

Any specific agreements about the booking must have been put down in writing

The owner and sitter must attempt to find a solution between themselves first via our secure messaging system. If no compromise is found, Pawshake will step in.

The owner needs to provide evidence of the incident

How do I submit a claim?

Please reply to the email you originally sent us or contact us via our contact form and include the following information:

  • The booking number
  • Details of the situation
  • Details of any resolution attempts with the sitter
  • Any additional supporting documents (texts, written instructions, pictures, etc.)

Once we receive the information, we will begin the investigation. We understand that situations like these can be stressful for all involved so we aim to resolve them as quickly as possible. However, the time it takes will be greatly determined by the cooperation of the parties involved.

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