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Our team is based all around the world in local communities we are active in. All of us share the same love for animals and the desire to have a positive impact on our communities.


CEO & Co-founder

Tanguy started Pawshake with Dries Coucke in 2013. With over 20 years of experience building and scaling online marketplaces, he’s often found challenging the team and pushing them to achieve great things. His purpose is to have a positive impact on society by connecting people using the internet. He feels blessed to be able to do this while leveraging his passion for pets (he grew up with dogs, rabbits & canaries). In his spare time, he loves hiking and camping with his wife and 3 kids.


Head of Customer Experience

Originally from Germany and currently living in Belgium, Sabrina was Pawshake's first employee. Ask her about dog behaviour and welfare at your own peril, unless you like a lot of scientific detail. She lives for constant (self-)improvement and a captivating story, so you'll find her reading at all hours of the day - sometimes even to her dogs Corey and Dana!


Head of Trust and Safety, Community Manager Finland

Mirjam enjoys spending time with animals. She loves to read a great book or challenge herself with puzzle games in her cozy home in Finland. Thankfully her two cats and two dogs make sure she sees the sunlight at least a few times a day. Mirjam is also very passionate about animal rights, climate change and the LGBT+ community. She loves to make a positive impact in everything she does, both in her work and in her personal life.


Head of Product & Engineering

Niel is very passionate about new technologies and how it can be used in digital products to positively impact our lives. When not working on Pawshake, he is probably busy on a tech related hobby project or he's out with friends to discover cool new places. At Pawshake, Niel is combining his love for digital products and pets.


Community manager

Paulien is the community manager for Pawshake in the Netherlands. She lives near the beach where she often goes running with her dog, Nadia - a little rescue street dog from Spain. Paulien also has a small cat named Flip, who is very playful and loves to groom her dog (isn't that sweet!). She loves going hiking, eating vegetarian food and throwing some punches at her boxing club.


Community manager

Margherita, better known as Maggie to the multicultural team of Pawshake, is the Italian Community Manager. Born in the northern countryside of Italy, she’s now based in Milan. This was where she also studied Communication and Cultural Heritage. When she’s not working, she spends her time on artistic projects supervised by her two cats, Mochi and Mini.


Community Manager

Jess is a Community Manager for Pawshake, Australia. She is the proud owner of a cute rescue cat called Benjamin, and is very passionate about animal adoption and giving homeless pets a second chance. Jess has been with Pawshake since the early days and loves to see the company grow, thrive and bring happiness to Australian pet owners and sitters.


Community manager

Born and raised in the French part of CA, Québec. Johanne moved to the countryside so that she could enjoy the freedom to dog sit. She’s at a stage of her life where the kids are gone and she can happily enjoy a glass of wine at 5pm with lots of dogs, anywhere around the world.



Ward lives in Belgium, sharing an apartment with his cat, Jack. They happily welcome Pawshake guests into their home. Their preference is for giant, friendly dogs like Gusje the Bernese Mountain Dog. Ward loves attending gigs by his favourite bands all around Belgium. He also enjoys photography and is passionate about developing. At Pawshake, he enjoys combining his love for pets and technology everyday.


iOS Developer

Lionel lives in Belgium with his wife and his 2 rats (yeah, you read correctly, rats!). He is passionate about the iOS ecosystem, and loves to design beautiful and efficient apps for your beloved devices. In his spare time he enjoys travelling all around the world to discover new landscapes, cultures and, of course, taste local beers.



Steven lives in Belgium. Together with his wife and two daughters, he cares for a large number of animals such as rabbits, dogs, cats and horses. Other than a great love for animals, Steven loves to design software and build efficient and powerful user experiences.


Android developer

Valentin lives in Belgium but doesn't like to stay at home for too long. He loves to travel and you may find him working on a beach somewhere in Thailand. With Pawshake, he is able to combine his passion for technology with travelling the world. In his spare time, Valentin also loves to learn martial arts and play video games.


Community manager

Sam is from Perth, Australia and is an animal lover from way back. She is especially fond of cats. In her spare time she enjoys marathon running, hiking, trekking, cycling and has a passion for combining those hobbies with as much travelling as she can! Sam is very grateful that her work with Pawshake allows her to live the dream!


Head of Marketing

Originally from Singapore, Sharon has travelled and lived around the world and now considers Sydney, Australia home. She has been dog-obsessed her whole life. While she was at University, she used to take 2 buses and 2 trains every week to volunteer at a rescue shelter. She enjoys training her dog to do random fun tricks and dog sports. You can often find her running training sessions at her local dog club or doing something creative.


Community manager

Martijn has a heart for animals which easily matches his typical Dutch height. He happily works with like minded animal-lovers at Pawshake Customer Support. Between work and long dog walks, Martijn tries to work on his own creative projects (which includes the writing of a children’s book about a pelican). But he also loves to sit on his couch watching TV series/movies or playing video games. Preferably with a guest dog next to him of course.


Community manager

Silke was born and raised in Germany and has lived and worked in Hong Kong and Australia. She has worked for a management consultancy firm, but has since decided to follow her passion for yoga, the outdoors and, of course, pets. In her free time you can find her creating plant-based recipes, teaching yoga and hitting the trails with her furry daughter.


Community manager

Born and raised in a small town in the French Alps, Margaux grew up surrounded by cats and dogs. Pets in her family home were as common as the sight of the snowy mountain peaks in the distance. She graduated with a Masters in International Business and after working in different countries in Europe, decided to settle down in Berlin where she currently lives with her husband. She is still trying to acquire a decent level of German.


Community manager

From sunny Singapore, Celine is well known in her neighborhood as “the girl who is constantly surrounded with dogs” which is really just a nice way of calling her “the crazy dog lady”. She is also a Psychology major who changes her hair every other week and spends her long weekends on escapes to Disneyland (come say hi if you see her!).


Community manager

Originally from Germany, Ralf has lived and worked in San Francisco and now the UK. He owned a café, ran a publishing company, and generally likes to keep busy. Once a promising Zen student he went to the dogs and has found a happy home at Pawshake. He looks after our wooffers and purrers, their human companions and caretakers in the UK and Ireland. In his free time he’s swimming, hiking, looking at the clouds or making homemade kale chips. He cries while watching romantic movies.


Happiness Manager

Nadia loves to be near people at all times, especially when she is spoilt by the Pawshake team. She enjoys attending meetings as long as she can chew on a snack on her bed under the desk. Being an office dog, she has the important job of keeping her owner and colleagues happy and fit. Since she's very successful at that, Nadia gets lots of cuddles and walkies in return!


Trust and Safety Expert

Jack is Pawshake’s in house Trust and Safety expert. He has a keen eye for observing and reading people. During his spare time, you’ll find him basking in the sun or reading his favourite book by the windowsill.
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